Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Red Bull Rampage...

Rampage Trailer - video powered by Metacafe

Undaunted by days of downpours, thirty of the best freeride mountain bikers from around the world (including riders from the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, England, Ireland, France, Canada, and the US) gathered to bid a fond farewell to Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah. The sun came out just in time to dry out the dirt on the qualifying ridge, the same intimidating ridge used for finals at Red Bull Rampage 2001-2003. Unfortunately, the plan of breaking in a brand new ridge for finals had to be scrapped due to soggy soil, but that did not stop the bar from being raised. "This year’s Red Bull Rampage is epic and blows all of the other events away. There were lines that would put you on the podium last year. The same lines this year might not get you qualified," said Judge Darren Butler, an experienced freerider himself (Darren competed at Red Bull Rampage 2001).

Riders took turns climbing the red mountains and aggressively charging down a variety of difficult lines from the 1,500-foot high starting gate. Testing their mountain biking abilities in downhill and overall freeriding, they repeatedly attacked the mountain competing for glory and a $15,000 prize purse.


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